SPRYNG Muscle Recovery Tool – The World’s Most Advanced


SPRYNG Muscle Recovery Tool – The World’s Most Advanced – Whether you are recovering from lake day or stuck in a long flight aching legs suck. Let’s talk about how this happens when we work out small microscopic tears that occur in the muscle tissue, and lactic acid builds up.

SPRYNG Muscle Recovery Tool

But for your muscles to repair and recover quickly, we need to flush out the lactic acid, and usher in clean fresh nutrient-filled. Blood working out on poorly recovered muscles leads to poor performance as well as injury. Also if you spend a ton of time sitting, or standing, fluid starts pooling in your lower extremities.


The pooling blood eventually causes pain swelling as well as other ailments like varicose veins. We were tired of achy legs swollen feet, and super long recovery times. This is why they created SPRYNG, a portable smart compression ramp that relieves muscle pain improves circulation and feels amazing. And did we mention it only takes 15 minutes?

SPRYNG uses a patented wave pattern to massage your calf muscle, flush out lactic acid and push pooled blood back into circulation. This doesn’t just benefit your calves targeted compression, affects your whole body, and even increases athletic physical, and cognitive performance. Thanks to improved circulation. you will enjoy a faster recovery time, enhanced performance, and less fatigue throughout your entire body.

SPRYNG is easy to use simply wrap, activate, and relax. Three intensity settings and two compression patterns let you choose the intensity of your compression and the method of recovery. No wires, no tubes. SPRYNG is compact and portable. Making it the perfect travel companion for long flights, or road trips.

SPRYNG Specifications

BatteryLithium-IonOperating Temperature+5° C – +40° C
Modes3 Compression IntensitiesCertificationsFDA Class 1
Open For Full Specifications

Best Seller

Price: $249.99 $299.99
SPRYNG™ is the ultimate wireless, pneumatic compression wrap that relieves aches, speeds recovery, improves performance, and feels incredible! Using a patented WaveTec® Compression Pattern, SPRYNG™ helps you recover with just 15 minutes of use anywhere, anytime.

SPRYNG Muscle Recovery Tool Customer Reviews


Edward G W. – I have venous insufficiency in my legs with a severe lack of blood return on the left leg. I have experienced a marked reduction of swelling and redness in the left leg. I am also treating the development of an ulcer on the inside of the left ankle. The use of the compression cuff has improved the flow of oxygenated blood to that area which is helping to heal. Your product is well designed and user-friendly.

Pat P – I’ve had SPRYNG leg wraps for nearly a year now. I use them every day before bed and immediately upon waking. I suffer from a genetic disorder called CMT. CMT affects your peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves carry movement and sensation signals between the brain and spinal cord and the rest of the body. It’s a progressive condition that destroys those nerves. Along with many symptoms, restless legs came with mine. After just one week of using the SPRYNG leg wraps, my restless legs had disappeared altogether!! I couldn’t believe it. Now I can sleep through the night without that jittery, I have to move to feel. I will never do without SPRYNG leg wraps. My first pair is still working and in time, when they finally wear out, I’ll purchase another set.


Leif L. – Good but I feel like the compression needs to be stronger.

Peter S. – Overall, I like the Spryng. I use them with the expanders. The massage feeling is wonderful. The only downside is I have trouble getting them tight enough. I expect better fitment will come with experience. Initial experience is quite positive and I can recommend this product.


Bring it with you wherever you go, whether you just finished leg day, buckled in for a long flight, or spend the day on your feet. SPRYNG is the perfect way to rest recover and reach a higher level of performance feel amazing anywhere. SPRYNG perfect as a gift. These things are really helping!

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