Review Tube Mastery And Monetization by Matt Par


Review Tube Mastery And Monetization by Matt Par –  Secret That You Should Know – Today, I want to talk about a program called Youtube mastery and monetization. It’s by a guy named Matt Par, and he’s gonna teach you how to be successful on youtube. That’s the goal, doing my research,  Matt Par says in the headline he has nine different profitable youtube channels, and it makes six figures from those channels.

Review Tube Mastery And Monetization by Matt Par

He makes six figures. So, I believe that it is a legit course. I believe, he is legit. I’ve seen his youtube channels. He has successful channels, and I think, he has a good approach. I think, he has a good delivery the way he explains everything is good. So, I think, he will be able to teach you what you need to know to make a good channel.

Review Tube Mastery And Monetization

To get better, I just want to run through the course of the sales page real quick. So, as he said, he got nine different probable youtube channels that make him six figures. He’s selling this youtube course, 24/7, lifetime access, and I’m pretty sure, it’s a one-time payment. He said you work at your own pace. So, the thing is all right. I’m gonna talk a little bit about it.

I’m gonna give you some features that he talking about. I’m gonna give you my opinion about it. He got some testimonials. He’s saying module one, he’s gonna show you the three stages to youtube. The better phase, the intermediate phase, and the scaling phase. So, I believe that you do have to have phases, and you have to get a certain amount of videos to get authority to your channel.

So, I believe that, and outsourcing the work if you got the budget, you could do that, but you don’t have to do that. Choosing a niche that’s important, list 100 profitable niches. You can google niches. So, setting up your channel on the 33 rule, how to use it, the best youtube tool ever made. Okay, my secret SEO keyword process, planning your content strategy.

He’s really teaching you some good basics to starting a youtube channel, upload videos, where find free content, how to edit videos for free, make a high click-through dumb race.

The first four models are very basic, you can look up on youtube, and find that information on the growth model. Understanding youtube analytics and algorithms, how to truly go viral on youtube. Now,  when you talk about how to go viral. Now, you can’t teach how to go viral, that’s something that just happens. It’s up to the viewers.

Review Tube Mastery And Monetization

So, I understand that there are ways, there are types of videos to create, that the types of videos that go viral a little bit, but even if you create those types of videos, that’s not you know, you’re not going to just go viral just because you made a certain type of video. I just wanted to get that right in your train of thought.

You’re not going to go viral just because you made a certain type of video, it’s up to the viewers. The monetization module, how to make more money than most YouTubers. The many ways of monetizing your channel. My personal favorite way of making money, utilizing youtube, so that could be a good module right there because there’s you can make money on youtube, more ways than just relying on youtube revenue, youtube ad revenue.

There are other ways to make money off youtube. He’s gonna teach in that module, I think that should be a good module, scaling your channel, hiring one person to do all the content creation, making a video creation, assembly line. Bonus fill in the blank scripts for finding hiring employees. So, he’s giving you some extra bonuses, how to scale your channel, how to batch record, things like that.

Scripts for finding the hiring employees, so if you got the budget, you can hire people to scale your channel. So, you’re not doing as much work if you don’t have the time. They’re going to give you a summary of what you’re getting. You got a bonus list of 100 profitable niches.

Final Thought

Review Tube Mastery And Monetization – If you’re interested in this course, I’ll link both of them but you have to decipher. If you’re on a mission to go viral then mastery and monetization is a good course, but if you’re on a mission to do good marketing online, and make income from marketing, then the course that I recommend for the second link is what I recommend.

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