Review MobilePixel Dual Monitor For Laptop


Review MobilePixel Dual Monitor For Laptop – MobilePixels Trio is the next generation of Mobile Pixels DUEX. They combined the best technology in the market to create a lightweight portable monitor that increases your productivity and makes working efficient.

Review MobilePixel Dual Monitor For Laptop

The teams behind the MobilePixels are Jack Yao, Stephen Ng, and Shruti Banda. Jack Yao is a Manufacturing Engineer with 5 years of experience in manufacturing methods & supply chain optimization. Stephen Ng is a Manufacturing Engineer with 5 years of experience in Design & product development and Shruti Banda is a Computer scientist with 3 years of experience in product management & digital marketing.

MobilePixels Trio Features

MobilePixels Trio offering a flexible viewing angle technologyMobile Pixels TRIO and TRIO Max feature four modes, ideal for ergonomic comfort and screen sharing.

  • Three-screen mode – Clip two TRIOs together for a triple screen viewing experience. The possibilities are endless.
  • Landscape mode – For workspace spanning, dragging windows from one screen to another.
  • Presentation mode – Duplicate your desktop for easier sharing.
  • Portrait mode – For webpage navigation, scrolling on vertically oriented applications.
  • Portable Screen for Gaming – The TRIO series can work with Nintendo Switch and Android mobile phones with no dock. Plug and play. Gaming on a bigger screen all the way.
  • Compatibility – Designed with compatibility in mind. Works with all computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, NINTENDO Switch, and Dex.
  • USB Cable – Interchangeable, 2-in-1 USB Cable. With USB-A, USB-C connector built-in, this is the only cable you will ever need.

MobilePixels Trio Specifications

Brightness300 nit (adjustable)
Aspect ratio16:9
Refresh rate60 Hertz
Resolution1920 x 1080
MaterialPC ABS plastic
Energy consumption4.5 W


PCOthersUSB slot
Microsoft WindowsAndroid SmartphoneUSB Type-C
Mac OSAndroid TabletUSB Type-A
Chrome OSNintendo Switch

What is In the box?

Inside The Packages
Review MobilePixel Dual Monitor
1. TRIO Monitor(x1)4. TRIO Clip (x1)
2. 2-in-1 USB Type-C to USB-A (C) Cable 3ft. (x1)5. User Guide (x1)
3. Metal Plates (x12) for 3 laptops

How To Setup MobilePixels Trio

1. Place magnetic adhesive on your laptop.2. Place TRIO on the magnetic adhesives.3. Slide TRIO’s screen out and plug-in USB.


1. Place magnetic adhesive on your laptop.2. Attach two TRIO (Max) using the clip system. Snap into the back of your laptop.3. Slide out both the left and right screens
Plug each into a single USB slot.

MobilePixel Trio Price

TRIO (12.5-inch)TRIO Max (14-inch)
Perfect for 13″-14″ laptops.Perfect for 15″-17″ laptops.
Size: 12.4” x 8.6” x 0.5”Size: 14.1” x 9.5” x 0.5”
Weight: 1.8 lbsWeight: 2.0 lbs
Color: Gunmetal GreyColor: Metallic Black
Material: PC ABS PlasticMaterial: PC ABS Plastic
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Review MobilePixel Dual Monitor

The Duex-Pro monitor extender has been a life-changing experience. As a Year 1 Med student, we are hit with a Geyser-flow of information. And adjusting to virtual learning adds to the overwhelm. With the Duex Pro, I can have my platform lecture on one side and take notes, and reference the textbook simultaneously. No more minimizing or struggle reading from small windows opening on top of each other. The best part is the easy installation and practical use. Just plug in and ready to go. All of this is rarely offered for a product with an outstanding pixel display and at an affordable price. For a student like myself, this makes a world of difference. Highly recommend it.

What a neat new toy! I am super pleased with this monitor and am happy I purchased it. It was super simple, plug n play, to install and turn on. The packaging was great preventing any potential damage during transit. The unit is EVER SO SLIGHTLY heavier than I expected, but it doesn’t cause any inconvenience or discomfort to use. The magnets don’t seem as sturdy as I expected either, but so far, day 1, and it’s staying in place. Overall, a good buy for a remote worker who isn’t stationary all day.

Totally worth the money to triple my monitor space on my laptop. I did buy two to add monitors to the left and the right of my primary display. Hardware installation was simple. Software installation was a breeze using the USB driver. Both displays were installed and working about 30 minutes after I opened the first box.

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Pros And Cons MobilePixel

  • It Is Easy to Use.
  • Work with Better Visibility
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Increase in productivity
  • Flexible Viewing Angle
  • Portable Screen for Gaming
  • Need extra setup


MobilePixels FAQ

Can Mobile Pixels Inc TRIO work with MacOS or PC?
YES! Mobile Pixels Inc TRIO can work with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome!

My TRIO is mirroring my laptop screen, how can I change this? (Windows Users)
Right-click on your desktop while TRIO is connected and choose “Display Setting”. Click on the “Duplicate these displays” drop-down box. When the dropdown box is opened, choose “Extend these displays”. Then click “Apply”. Now you are in Extend Mode.

My TRIO is mirroring my laptop screen, how can I change this? (MacOS Users)
Plug your monitor, go to “System Preferences- Display-Arrangement”, uncheck the “Mirror Displays” box. For Catalina users using USB A port, if you want to use your screen on the left side, please download the driver but not DisplayLink Manager App.

I connect my TRIO Max, the screen doesn’t turn on but says “please wait”
Please make sure that the USB cable connects to the correct USB port on the TRIO Max. Make sure it is connected to the port with a FILLED IN CIRCLE not the port with the POWER PLUG.

If I want TRIO Max on my left side but my display is upside down, what should I do?
Please go to display settings and select “landscape flipped” under-display orientation. If you are a Catalina user using the USB A port, please download the newest DisplayLink driver, but not the DisplayLink Manager App.

Is this compatible with the upgraded DUEX Pro?
It will work with the Duex Pro, but you cannot mount them together. The kickstand will be required.

What operating systems is TRIO Max compatible with?
TRIO and TRIO MAX are compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Is this a touch screen?
No, it is a display monitor when you mount it to the laptop so that touch screen is not necessary whereas it would increase the cost.

How many TRIO Max’s do I need for three screens?
You would need to buy 2 Trio Max. It will come with the clip mechanism that allows you to clip two TRIO MAXs together for a total of THREE screens.

What cable specs are required to run the monitors at their full capabilities? I want to purchase two retractable USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cables so that there
You need USB 3.1 spec cables.

My laptop is Microsoft Surface which only has 1 USB port, I ordered 2 TRIO Max screens, what should I do?
You will need to use a powered USB hub to power 2 screens.

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