Review Halo Board Beast Edition


Review Halo Board Beast Edition – I got a fresh board review for you. It’s the halo board, the carbon edition, and it’s carbon because it’s made of carbon fiber. Look at this thing, this thing is a piece of art, absolutely gorgeous. I’ll tell you, I’ve reviewed many boards, and just base on aesthetics, just based on looks this thing is the badass thing.

Review Halo Board Beast Edition

I’ve ever seen it, it’s full carbon fiber. It’s got an integrated handle. It’s sleek, it’s sexy, it is a stealth board. I’m tearing out, this is the best-looking board. I’ve ever reviewed it, and I’m super excited because it also has incredible specs.

This thing has a nice concave deck on it, look at this thing super concave. I think turning on this thing’s gonna be an absolute breeze. Now, the one downside to the carbon fibers, it probably doesn’t have a lot of flex to it. So, it’s not gonna be super Cuffy, but because of the richest nests of the deck, I bet you this thing carves up, super nice.


Halo Board Beast Features

Special Features
Deck Material:Upgraded Bamboo + Fiberglass Blend
Motor:3200 Watt Dual Direct-Drive Motors
Speed:26 MPH
Range:Up to 25 Miles
Hill Grade:Up to 25%
Weight:23 lbs
Charger:UL Certified Charger Included
Warranty:6 Months Guaranteed

So, there’s some give and take there, but man, this thing is gorgeous, one of my favorite things about this board is, right there, right there you can see everything is integrated, inside the deck, when you don’t have big batteries, and cables, and stuff hanging all over the place. I think it’s a huge win for sleekness, for aesthetics, for everything to be built right into the board.

To me, absolute when the carbon edition, halo board is absolutely gorgeous, and bass. All looks alone ordered right now, but on specs. I haven’t written yet, so I don’t know how it rides. I definitely want to check that out, it does go up to 26 miles per hour which is one of the fastest boards.


Halo Board Beast Specifications

Deck Length:37 in / 94 cm
Wheels:97 mm Halo Street Wheels – 74a
Wheelbase:29 in / 73.5 cm
Trucks:Aluminum 12-inch Double-Kingpin
Remote:Ergonomic Bluetooth Halo Remote
Weight Limit:286 lbs
Charge Time:4 – 5 hours
Safe Battery:10.4Ah Certified FireSafe Lithium-Ion Battery
For Ages:10 and up

It has a 14-mile range, and because of the carbon fiber, it’s super light, and actually only 14 pounds for the board itself.  The board is powered by a 3000-watt hub system, so this guy, this guy can get it on. We can go 26 miles per hour.

I’m gonna try it out today. I’ll take it to the max. I’ll try this thing out. I’m super excited about it because this guy right here could be, my could be, my halo board. It could be the go-to board, if it rides nice, it’s definitely got the looks.  It’s got the portability with the handle. It’s got everything.

Best Seller

Review Halo Board Beast Edition
Halo Board Beast
Price: $1,297.00
Ranked Best Electric Skateboard 2021, Electric Skateboard Beast Edition, This board is very fun to ride, and it’s powerful!

I would want in a haloboard, but I’m gonna ride it. I’m not messing around. There you go, I gave you the specs. It’s 14 pounds, got a 14-mile range, it’s got 26 miles per hour top speed. It’s got a sexy sleeper remote control, with a nice little thumbwheel. This thing right here is absolutely hits all the things.

It’s got a heads-up display on the remote, so you can see your speed, you can see the battery on the board, the battery on the remote. I mean, like you, have everything integrated right here in the remote control. I mean to me, it feels like the complete package. I’m gonna grab my helmet real quick, let’s go right around my ride around. I’m gonna check it out my see, what’s going on, because as much as I love, the looks it’s got a feel ride.

It’s got a ride. ride it’s gotta have that too, if it does, it may be too early to say this, but it could be the best board to the other 19. Let’s see, let’s check it out, let’s get on that ride go gang, enjoy me, this is gonna be fun.

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