Review EcoFlow Delta Mini


Review EcoFlow Delta Mini – Today, we’re taking a closer look at the brand new delta mini by Ecoflow. Today, it’s all about the new Delta Mini. It’s the newest product in the Delta line. Ecoflow developed the delta, the delta pro, and now the delta mini, with the delta mini you get to move with power as this is a small but powerful solar battery solution. You can take it in your car, you can take it camping, take it boating, you can take it to work, or you can just use it around your home.

Review EcoFlow Delta Mini

Delta Mini Quick Look

So, let’s jump down here and take a closer look. Now, on the front of the unit here, you see, we have the familiar LCD display that tells us the status of the battery, the percentage that we have left, and an estimated how many hours of battery use depending on the item that is plugged into the unit at the time. There’s nothing plugged into this unit, so it says, we have 99 hours up here. We also have the wattage in and the wattage out.

Delta Mini Front View

USB Ports Delta Mini

So, when you have it plugged in, you can see how fast it’s charging, and also discharging. Also on the front, we have our 100-watt USB-C and our 3 USB-A charging ports as well as the power ON/OFF button. Now, over here, on the backside of the unit,  we have our input ports here. We have our solar input, we have our fast charging option which we’ll talk about in a moment, we have our AC wall outlet input, and we have a breaker button, we also have 5 wall outlets that can be turned ON/OFF with this power button.  Now, these five outlets are charged because we turned ON the power button, or we can turn it OFF to prevent any power drain, and down below, we have our AC input as well as another power button that turns ON and OFF just this particular outlet.

Delta Mini Backside

Delta Mini Features

1. X-boost technology

The top 3 features of the delta mini are, first, it has the industry-leading 1400 watt x-boost technology to power 99 appliances. It has a 1400 watt ac output which will meet 90 percent of your power needs. It can also support up to 1800 watt devices such as a hairdryer, or small heater by using the x-boost technology.

2. Fast recharge

The next feature is the 900 watts extreme ac fast recharge by selecting this button here and put putting it on a fast charge, you can charge the Delta Mini from 0 to 80% in one hour, or a full charge in about 1.5 hours. Ecoflow’s patented Xtreme technology makes it possible to fast charge at a maximum of 900 watts through a standard AC wall outlet in your home. Now, if you compare this to products such as the Jackery, it has an 880 watts capacity, and it takes about 6.5 hours to fully charge it.  The delta mini with this x-boost can save almost 5 hours in charging time.

3. Emergency power supply

Now, the Delta Mini accepts solar input of up to 300 watts of solar energy whereas for instance products like the Jackery 880 only accept solar input of 163 watts. The delta mini is reliable backup power with 882 watt-hour capacity. The Delta mini is equipped with EPS which is the emergency power supply which means when you connect the Delta Mini to a wall outlet and then you take your appliance, and plug it into the Delta Mini, if the power grid goes down, the delta mini will automatically switch over to the battery power to continue powering whatever appliance you have plugged in.

Final Words Review EcoFlow Delta Mini

So, the emergency power supply can be vital if you’re for instance like me using a CPAP machine. I can plug my CPAP machine into this device, and when I go to sleep at night, if I have a power outage, I can rest assured that the Delta Mini will automatically kick in and continue powering my CPAP. So, that I can breathe easier and sleep better.

Delta and CPAP

Delta And Router

I also plan to use the Delta Mini to power my internet, my wi-fi router, and modem as well as my security system because, in the event of a power outage, I’d like to have those three appliances powered at all times.

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